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We offer to merchants and organizations the possibility to create their own custom made products for skin care, aromatherapy and hygiene.
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Personal lubricants - CE and NF certified
Our personal lubricants are certified according to both CE and NF requirements for condom compatible lubricants. We manufacture both water and silicon based personal lubricants. These can be ordered in small sampler packs with the customer's own logo and message. Several of our customers are non-profit organizations that distribute them in campaigns against AIDS and venereal diseases.
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The PHARMA product range is based on aromatherapy. The products contain essential oils from plants and flowers that have been known for centuries for their healing properties.
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Microencapsulated mosquito sprays and biocides with Neem oil
The best mosquito spray on the market today? 100 % protection against bites and 90 % less dermal absortion of the active substance! Also Swedish products based on neem oil against all kind of insects. Both for humans and animals. See the pictures of horses treated for sweet-itch. Visit our online shop.

Glass nail files
Nail files made of hardened glass. Ideal for guitarrists or anybody who wants strong nails. You can buy them online.

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