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Water or silicon based personal lubricants

CE and NF certified condom compatible lubricant in handy sampler packs

Our personal lubricants are French high quality products. They are pure and clear gels that are gentle to the most sensitive skin. The lubricant gel protects the condom while enhancing the comfort and ease of all sexual activity which makes safer sex more fun.

  • Our lubricant is both CE and NF certified according to the requirements for condom compatible lubricants. The CE certification is required for marketing condom compatible lubricants in Europe.

  • The sampler packs are organizations' favorites - at least 5 million sampler packs are consumed merely in France every year.

  • The gel is colorless, odorless, flavorless (slightly sweet) and does not stain.

  • The clear gel can be tinted in different translucent colors and still keep its qualities.

  • Our personal lubricants do not contain a spermicide.

  • The water-based lubricant washes off with water and the silicon-based lubricant keeps its lubricating quality even in water.

  • They can be conditioned in custom sampler packs that contain 5 g water-based lubricant or 2 g silicon-based lubricant.

  • Personalize your custom sampler packs by having your logo and message printed on them.

  • The personal lubricants can, of course, also be conditioned in tubes or pots. See SOFT's tube at the right.

Examples of areas of use for custom sampler packs

  • Organizations
    In campaigns against the spreading of AIDS and venereal diseases.

  • Night clubs
    As giveaway instead of the traditional matchbox.

  • Vending machines
    For sales through vending machines at public places and why not together with a condom?

  • Sex shops
    For retail sales in shops and through Internet.

  • Promotional campaigns
    The small promotional samplers are guaranteed to catch the receiver's attention. They are easy to send in an envelope and economical to mail since they only weight 3 or 6 g each.

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Water-based personal lubricant

Sampler Packs
from 50,000 units


Custom tube
Can be made from 100 kg




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