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Do you want your own brand on your products?

With us, merchants and organizations can manufacture most products within the skin care and hygiene areas. From traditional skin care products for beauty parlors to soap-fee shower gels for hotels and hospitals. We can also offer several perfumed products like after-shaves, soaps and potpourris.





You tell us what kind product you want and your favorite ingredients, what kind of pack you wish and the quantity. We give you a proposal within a few days. We even arrange transportation to your door.


High quality

Our products are manufactured in France, a country with one of the world's most severe regulations for cosmetic products since skin care, cosmetics and perfumes have always been such an important industry for the country's economy. And of course our products comply with European regulations for hygiene and cosmetic products. We keep up to date with research news and market trends and our customers can feel safe that they will get the most modern products.



A minimum quantity is required for cost effective products when making them personalized:

- Skin care and hygienic products: 100 kg

- Personalized lubricant sachets: 50 000 units

- Nail files: 1 000 units and 200 per model, design or color

- Personalized condoms: 5 000 units.

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Beauty creams
from 100 kg



Massage creams
from 100 kg




Personalized Lubricants

From 50 000 units



Personalized tube
From 100 kg

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